Top 10 Influencers & Key Words

Here are the Top 10 Professional Influencers for WesterCon:

  1. Cory Doctorow (witer, blogger activist): 314 K followers
  2. Brandon Sanderson (Author): 60 K followers
  3. Fantasy Ficiton (Fantasy forum comunity, @Fantasy Fiction): 29.4K followers
  4. Mary Robinette Kowal (hug0-award winning author and professinoal puppeteer): 10.9 K followers
  5. Howard Tayler (cartoonist, author): 7,268 followers
  6. Dan Wells (author): 5,640 followers
  7. Larry Correia (author of NYT-bestselling Monster Hunter series): 3,691 followers
  8. Chris Garcia (fanzine editor, museum curator, co-runner): 824 followers
  9. Kevin Standlee (@KevinStandlee, he’s a fan, but could have connections to many professionals or aspiring writers): 412 followers
  10. Bobbie DuFault (writer for Microsoft, is following WesterCon67): 229 followers


Keword:                            Total Pages:                                     Avg. Monthly Searches

writing contests 54900000 8100
steps to writing a book 121000000 1300
writing books 1080000000 720
tips on writing a book 145000000 590
help writing a book 832000000 210
creative writing courses 57800000 480
online writing courses 727000000 1300
writing a novel 199000000 2900
how to write an ebook 164000000 1600

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