Social Media’s Impact, and How JCP Flipped a Flaw into a Dynamite Campaign

1. How has social media changed our perception of who is a professional/expert in a given field? ex. photographer?

Someone with good social media can now be considered an expert.  Here’s why:  For someone to be an expert, we need proof.  In the days before social media, we needed some kind of proof we could all understand, like a college degree, or experience with a company.  Now, we have social media.  People can show us the proof online, through pictures, tweets, FB posts, blog posts, etc… that they are experts at what they do.  They may not be formally trained, but because of their social media, they don’t have to.  They already prove to us that they are experts.  

For instance, before, we used to want to have professional photographers.  Now, just about anyone with a nice camera, who has nice pictures on their pinterest/FB page/blog/website is considered to be a photographer.  We also have tons of photo-sharing platforms, like flickr, pentax, 500pix, etc… where people can rate pictures, give critiques, etc…  Several of my brothers are into photography. 

My brother Ryan likes 500pix: 


Here’s one from my brother, Trevor, on the Pentax photo gallery (which is also genius social media for the Pentax business):


These are the same kinds of sites that professionals often post to.  Because of social media, amateurs are in the same realm as professionals.  The same goes for singer sensations on YouTube, and so forth.  



2. How has social media changed business management?

It is crucial to business management to have good social media.  Upcoming generations use social media to research a product.  If they can’t find anything about you online, they’re liable to think you’re a shady company. You also need to have someone to maintain and curate the social media.  That means you have to pay more people to do that, but the benefit will most likely outweigh the cost, as long as the social media marketing is done well.


3. What have we lost because of the freedom social media gives us?

Someone mentioned in one of their blog posts that people focus more on capturing a moment than taking time to enjoy the moment. I would have to agree with that.  Sometimes it’s a little comical.  I saw this on my FB feed the other day, and it made me crack up.



This is totally today’s generation.  However, I contend that even though it’s easy to get caught up in capturing the moment, often the capturing part is the memory that is so fun.  For example, these girls will probably look back on this picture and laugh when they remember their day of sight-seeing together.  

4. What is your birthday?

It’s a holiday. One of my friends likes to call it an appreciation day for the person who was born.  



It’s also a day when you feel really special because your friends tell you Happy Birthday on Facebook, and you get a lot of notifications.  


5. Because users can post instantaneously, how has this affected the quality of the content?

Hahaha, TYPOS!   But here’s someone who the problem of typos to their benefit: 


JCP is so smart.  They didn’t spend any money on Superbowl ads, but they got a lot of attention with their typos on their Superbowl tweets.  Prior to the game, they tweeted about their Olympics GO USA mittens shown below.  Then during the game, they had several typos, and blamed it on the mittens.  



(Mittens available here:




Several people got in on the dialogue.  The US Olympics commented.  Several individual people commented.  JCP followed up positively, too (see the tweets from Dale Glenn and JCP below).  Nokia tried to throw in a little plug for the Nokia Lumia    



Before the “Tweeting with Mittens” hashtag, someone conjectured that JCP’s representative was drunk, so Kia Motors got in on the action and asked JCP if they needed a designated driver.  




The Olympics team also made a video about other things that are hard to to do with mittens (  JCP showed some goodwill towards Snickers and Doritos, and tweeted a picture of eating those items with the mittens.



GMA got in on the action and tweeted a pic of tweeting with mittens as well.  JCP reinfored their interaction by retweeting GMA’s tweets.  



JCP was genius.  They utilized a simple flaw in social media to create a trending campaign that not only took the Superbowl by a storm, but swept over into the Olympics as well.  It’s so smart.  We need to do cool stuff like that with our Social Media clients.



3 thoughts on “Social Media’s Impact, and How JCP Flipped a Flaw into a Dynamite Campaign

  1. I liked your thoughts about how social media has changed our perception of professionalism. I agree that those who can leverage their social media platforms can become creditable in the profession that they are pursuing.

  2. I didn’t catch the JCP Twitter error. Thanks for sharing! These errors pose the question, what are the possible errors that accompany the more casual nature of posting on social media? I think JCP successfully recovered however, we are all at risk of this type of error.

  3. Really liked your post! The JCP campaign is so funny. I really enjoyed that! It’s cool to see how social media can give businesses and people new opportunities that they have never had before. I focused on some of the negative things that can occur, so it was cool to see some of the other opinions!

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