How Do We Increase Engagement?

We’re BYU students.  We can do engagement.  We talk about engagement, we celebrate engagement, half of our facebook notifications are of friends getting engaged. Most of the bishops are probably wondering: How do we increase engagement?

Nuff’ said.  We can do engagement, whether that be romantic engagement or social engagement.  Let’s put our skills to work for WesterCon 67.  We want to figure out how to better analyze and use centrality, transitivity, connectivity, and diversity to our benefit to help WesterCon67 attract the younger fans and increase participation.  If we boil that down to plain English, we want to know 2 things:

1) How do we engage more people?  

2) How do we better engage interaction with the people we have?  


We discussed both these questions in class as well as in our last blog posts.  Let’s pull it all together here.  

1) How do we engage more people?

WesterCon67 has several resources they can call on to engage more people on their facebook and twitter.  

  • Brandon Sanderson is one of their main guests this year.  He has 58,427 followers.  We need to write tweets with links for him, and ask him to tweet the content for us.  


  • Jason Komito, a writer, also follows WesterCon67.Image

We need to be writing content for him to tweet, too.  

  • Seattle Geeky Girls:  I discussed them in our last post.  We can write an invite to all the Seattle Cosplay Girls, and have Seattle Geeky Girls post it.  



  • Here are other followers we need to utilize to spread the word about WesterCon67. 



  • Salt Lake City Comic Con is also a huge asset.  They don’t currently follow WesterCon67, but we could write a tweet for them, and ask them to post it on their FB page and Twitter.  They have several followers from the local area would would be interested in a sci-fi/fantasy writing convention.





  • We also need to think even more locally. On BYU Campus there’s the QUARK club for all things sci-fi/fantasy.
  • We can also invite tons of English majors and creative writers.  Brandon Sanderson is currently teaching a creative writing class at BYU (one of my English-major friends is in it), and Brandon Sanderson could totally advertise there.  It’s extremely competitive to get in the class, so this could be an opportunity for all those who didn’t make it into the class to come to WesterCon67 and hear from Brandon Sanderson there.  
  • Dragon’s Keep store down by Center Street.  They sell comics and tons of sci-fi/fantasy merchandise.  We can put flyers in their shop, and direct them to facebook, twitter, and WesterCon’s website.  We want everyone’s weak ties to centralize back to WesterCon.  

That’s probably enough to start on for now.


2) How do we better engage the people we have?

I addressed this in my last post.  Feel free to refer back there for screen shots and specific examples.

WesterCon needs to give their Twitter followers and FB friends a call to action.  They can do that with:

  • Contests
  • Memes
  • Polls
  • Directly linking back to the website
  • more clearly display the convention’s date
  • invite people to post pictures of the convention
  • use a hashtag so people can include westercon in their conversation

WesterCon currently has some good content.  They just need to give people a way to get involved by creating an environment for engagement.  People need to be able to post pictures, to talk to their friends about WesterCon, to know clearly when WesterCon is, to be able to see pictures so they know what it’s like.  People need to know how to get to the website to buy tickets.  They need to know WesterCon cares about them, because WesterCon wants to know what they’re thinking.  When they know WesterCon cares, they and their friends will care about WesterCon. 

We’re BYU students.  We can do Engagement.  We can get people engaged in WesterCon.





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